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at least one editor getting blocked and many more getting warnings, to eventually come to the conclusion that U2 are, in fact, an Irish band. See also: Pluto and Ceres (dwarf planet). Editors take the official line; thousands of IPs disagree! And then the bathrobe on the hanger turned purple, and then. Jeremy Lin Is he American or American-born? See page history and VfD discussion. One apparently malfunctioning bot reverted two others a total of six times in two months (article since deleted). 2006 fifa World Cup In Swiss Standard German, "ss" is used in place of the ligature "ß".

In the center, an editor just got banned. He eventually became a naturalized citizen of the. The August 29, 2008, announcement of Sarah Palin as the presumptive Republican nominee for Vice-President of the United States set off a firestorm at (among other places) the Palin disambiguation page (which had previously been edited three times since it was created nearly a year. Or did Sweden have two prime ministers during the period? Perhaps ironically, the city hosted Wikimania 2010. Does being licensed by Nintendo make Rareware publications "official"? "the" from all instances in the article, (even spilling into a band member's article 32 33 leading to awkward "bizarro-speak" that even the band members themselves would surely laugh. Fine changer rib groupon points of policy debated: does reverting to prevent a revert war contitute a real revert?

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