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Orchestra concert progam inside (overwritten w/sender's message). San Francisco, CA, 1926, G Int'l (bit ruff trim L; scuff paper residue where label apparently removed) "This Letter Was Posted Insufficiently Prepaid. Buffalo, NY, 1917, G Univ.; "Back the Boys." h/s (part stuttered) on PPC to Warsaw,. E 15 MIN.8 AD-57. E 12 MIN.6 EX-131. E 15 MIN.8 AD-169. E 12 MIN.6 EX-80. Chicago, IL, 1917, G precanx (uneven toned; pencil notes) Wood mm'n Merchants overall ad w/illus. oane cc (2c Wash.) on oil window cvr.

code promo cr 10s

E 30 MIN.15 EX-119. Cincinnati, OH, 1885, G duplex (bit trim T; tears T L) Baeder, Adamson./Mfrs. Los Angeles/Arcade Sta., CA, 1932 (Jul 30 VG Univ. Miami/Air Mail Sec., FL, 1949, F magenta dcds as transit b/s (staple holes) on air cvr from Embalse, Argentina, to Minneapolis. Exposicion Nacional de Panama, 1916, F purple 4-bar (edge tears T; bit lite tone) part o/s by partial "Exposicion/Direccion General" pictorial h/s frank; Expo header illus. CA, 1936 (Sep 9 VG SD35-01 (LKU; lite cr) on cvr. APO 96503, 1970, G 4-bar; "vilion, Expo 70, APO, San Fran., 96338" return add. Bellingham, WA, 1906, G Amer/B14(1) (part ruff slit T; lite tone) Bellingham Chamber of Commerce long text ad on PSE. Engraved cc on PSE. E 12 MIN.6 AD-277. Santa Fe, NM, 1942, F Univ., o/s.dcds; duplex tying 1c, 4 days later; "Second Notice.

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