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or drum (71-round) magazine, is chambered for the.62x25mm Tokarev pistol cartridge (also accepts the less powerful.63x25mm Mauser cartridge) firing a cyclic rate of 900rpm from an open bolt with a blowback. Break squelch : to send a "click-hiss" signal on a radio by depressing the push-to-talk button without speaking, used by OPs, LPs, LRPs and others when actually speaking into the microphone might reveal or compromise their position. Also, a well-informed student of some subject or activity, such as an amateur or hobbyist, devotee or enthusiast, aficionado or fan, coupon gratuit casino admirer or reenactor/re-enactor; see mock-combat, WAR games, reenactment / RE-enactment. Also, the thinner flat part of something, as on an oar or a shovel. Bomb 'EM back TO THE stone AGE : novelty peace sign notorious catch-phrase of the vietnam WAR, distilling the essence of the strategic bombing campaign promoted by usaf GEN Curtis LeMay, and also expressed as "bomb 'em out of existence" by Senator Sam Ervin. See skirt, GI jane, warrior princess, wonder woman, queen foear, squeak, runts 'n' cunts, ball buster, hell ON wheels, flying bravo, bitch, split, distaff. 'shoepacs' (or "shoepacks often called "pacs were heavy waterproofed boots imitative of "double insole" moccasins originating with the Delaware Indians. Also, a reinforced structure for housing and protecting personnel and their equipment during weapons testing or rocket launchings. Bumming : someone making a full-time job of a part-time position in the National Guard (NG) or Reserve (reserve component a "bummer" exaggerating an assignment in the military; see weekend warrior, ready reserve. Blackbird : Lockheed SR-71 surveillance aircraft, designated "Strategic Reconnaissance had a self-annealing titanium shell, and could fly faster than Mach 3 at over 100,000ft height.

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This page contains a numerical naics code list 2017.
Users can view and lookup an index of 2017 naics codes in numerical order.
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The term bashing was applied to this practice by British POWs, who had a similar background in the English public schools, and this referent was then adopted by Australian, American, Dutch, Belgian, and other Western servicemen who lacked this cultural perspective. Also, probably due to the bloated appearance of the actual container, anyone or anything that's inflated, exaggerated, distended, or overloaded, including events and demonstrations, such as the proverbial "ten pounds of shit (or bullshit) stuffed into a five pound bag see DOG 'n' pony show. See feba, MLR, front line, flot, down range, indian country, sharp END, THE edge. So you're a lieutenant colonel, you're about 38 years old, and so you have more resources to be able to do things, and you can take this organization and really help to shape. V: consanguinity nb: the etymology of 'soul brother' translates into 'spiritual friend as in "blue-eyed soul brother the phrase seemingly originated about 1957, but it became prominent when widely displayed as a graffito on business fronts during the 1967 Detroit riot in hopes of avoiding. Nb: "O Lord, your sea is so great and my boat is so small" blue-water navy : the fleet of oceangoing ships that constitute a strategic force and diplomatic presence which influences international relations; the United States has succeeded to the role of global superpower. Also, to dispose in loose folds, or to arrange so as to droop or puff with fullness, as pants bloused into paratrooper boots; see footwear. See LAW OF averages, gambler'S fallacy, uncertainty principle, principle OF least force, least resistance, LAW OF diminishing returns, LAW OF unintended consequences, lorentz contraction, lorentz transformation, paradigm shift, outside THE BOX, military mind. Drawing from a constantly-updated database, we offer up free lists of E-mail address to hundreds of users per day!

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