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a recipe and the mixing of ingredients to create and cheese is essentially crafted from. As for the time he made two akumas on the same episode, well, we have seen Ladybug and Chat use their abilities twice on the same day, so it could be a similar case for him. It's also possible that he knows Marinette has a crush on him, but is pretending not to in the hopes that she will eventually get over. Evidenced by her hardcore larping and delusions of invincibility, Chloé would leap at the chance to fight evil at Ladybugs side. Hawk Moth does not/cannot discern his victims' identities. Maybe the Moth Brooch was given to The Collector or one of the past Collectors, and they elected to not use it, but collect it and eventually the other Miraculous. The butterfly heroes can send a "regular" butterfly (one that hasnt been charged with power) to follow another hero, and touching it creates a similar but more temporary link like how Hawk Moth telepathically speaks to his akuma villains.

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( oh geez, don't tell me I've turned into Chloé. They knew the last generation of Ladybug and Cat and fought with them. Bulls are said to be strong and helpful. Adrien also now knows Lila is a liar, and he was starting to lose interest as Lila slandered Ladybug like she did. From this exchange, we learn two things- Wayzz at the very least can detect when a kwami's power is in use. Especially egregious in that Marinette's uncle comes to Paris for, what, two or three days? It is a very pale, cold light. This episode takes place chronologically during season one Mostly since Marinette seems more jittery around Adrien than she is in other season two episodes.

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