Code promo far cry instincts

code promo far cry instincts

in cheat menu. Run faster:, enter "AmAFastMachine" as a case-sensitive code. Infinite ammunition:, enter "BulletsofHell" as a case-sensitive code.

After some time of shooting at him, he will jump down and fight you person to person. General Crowe will not fight person to person yet. Avoid his machine gun, as it takes a lot of your health away. 2018 All Rights Reserved. Get two of them at the same time if possible to save grenade rounds. Note: Do not fire the helicopter's rocket launcher. Using the grenades with perfect accuracy, kill the monsters. When you begin the final battle with General Crowe, make sure you have a lot of grenades and the assault rifle with the grenade launcher equipped. When this happens, focus on Crowe. For now, focus on the monsters jumping around.

Invincibility:, enter "CarvErVitrUvian" as a case-sensitive code. All other brands, logos, and/or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. At some point they will stop dropping down.

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