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some bad luck." In Death Note : Light Yagami was trying to invoke this trope when he had Ryuk add a fake rule to the Death Note's directions. The latter was supposed to be page 13, as a direct homage, but they couldn't get it to work, so instead they numbered every page. The player collects Four Leaf Clovers to gain brief spells of invincibility, the first of which always appears when the player's score reaches. The unlockable 13-Ship Mode in RayStorm gives you thirteen ships for one credit. Weirdly the idea that Friday the 13th is especially unlucky apparently appeared relatively late in the 19th century both thirteen and Friday were separately unlucky (compare this to the Spanish-speaking countries, where the especially unlucky day.

Captain America : Steve Rogers' sometime love interest Sharon Carter was known as Agent 13 during her time with.H.I.E.L.D. The director's cut is 112 minutes (1.) Apollo 13 : Both the movie and the real mission went badly. In Vampire: The Masquerade, the thirteen vampire clans were founded by the thirteen Antediluvians.

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Elsa is the thirteenth Disney Princess, and has the most traumatic backstory of any of them. Luckily, 13 was able to cut its lines and get away before 15 reached the water. Of course, the protagonists have to go through it to escape the second meltdown. Lifeboat 13 on the RMS Titanic. This comes true in two instances: Since Peter Pettigrew is in Ron's pocket at the time Trelawney mentions the superstition, there are already thirteen people seated at the table when she believes the number to be twelve. Parodied in The Ren Stimpy Show. SpyBoy skipped groupon coupon example the 13th issue, but eventually it appeared as a miniseries that is numbered.1,.2 and.3. 13, especially when you consider that the movie is basically supposed to prey on parents' worst fears. This is a play on a "Baker's Dozen" (12 1 named after the setting designer, Keith Baker. Voldemort returns to power after 13 years pass since his downfall in the Potters' House.