Code reduction mesange

code reduction mesange

: 10 offerts dès 50 d'achats sur. The problem: For each choice of the menu(Five in total) I need a submenu. M vous déniche chaque jour des "code réduction code promo, bon de réduction, promotions et bons d'achat pour vos achats en ligne. Do you, sell Paint? Here's my code void Menu const char* Items "w tax declaration "dify tax declaration "ncel tax declaration "ditional Information "5.Exit" ; int Cur0; int ch, i; int flag0; do werase(wm mvwaddstr(wm, 2, 16, "menu for(int i0; i 5;i) if(iCur) wattr_on(wm, A_reverse, 0 mvwaddstr(wm, 4i,. I am coding my way to the last project of the semester and I have a code duplication issue. I have little experience with ncurses, so don't be too hard on me :P. P.s The code is from a book.

code reduction mesange

Found 1 paint color chip with a color name of "Mesange" sorted by year.
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